Live, Dream, Create

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My artwork has always evolved from my love of nature. The particular way a juniper tree clings to the edge of a rocky outcrop or the autumn leaves whispering across the pavement will urge me to grab my paint brush. I am inspired by the overlooked colors and patterns that occur in the branches above our heads and the stones beneath our feet.

I have found that painting is the perfect medium to express the delicate brilliance provided in the random perfection of nature. I endeavor to represent the joy I find in the intricate story told by the rings of a tree limb and the ages seen by an agate polished smooth by the sea.


To explore an uninhibited love for the beauty in this ever-changing world is to live.

To imagine with an unforgettable fire of inspiration as a result is to dream.

And the ultimate reward in life is to bring these two together in a culmination of love and pain, pigment and process.

This is to create.

This is my dream.


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