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Last week my whole world came crashing down with the clumsy tipping of a bottle of nail polish remover. Really. I know it sounds overly dramatic but read on dear reader, read on….

So there I was on the couch multitasking as usual. Watching our Sunday night programming with the hubs and pups while I struggled to do my own nails (I miss you nailsbymeredithmae) and catching up on recent blog posts. I had my laptop open and running with a cup of tea, glass of wine, and the polish remover. The damn polish remover. All within reach to prevent having to disturb the puppies. If and when I sit down they get so excited to be able to sit on my lap and cuddle in the blankets. Too adorable and totally inconvenient.

Trigger and Spike
The pups cuddling in the blankets

Commercial break and I grab another cotton ball and go fo the remover…

It was this reaching motion that was the beginning of disaster. My sweater sleeve caught the top lip of the polish remover bottle and everything started moving in slow motion… as I realized it was going to fall over I tried to correct and catch it. In the process of reaching with my other hand I knocked the teacup into the glass of wine and all three items collided creating a flowing mess of purple and green heading straight for my laptop.

In a stunned moment that seemed to last forever the table flooded and I was frozen in horror. I could not decide what to do first, save the computer or get the puppies away from that toxic flood. I look over to my husband for help and find that he is fast asleep at the other end of the couch. Well, of course I had to rescue the pups first. I flew off the couch as the sludge reached my lap and pushed the dogs to the other end and lunged for the laptop.

Just as I pulled it off the table (dripping) the screen went blue. Ugh! I had only just started up this blog a couple of weeks before, now what was I going to do?! I was doomed.

Luckily for me my brother is a computer wizard and after letting it dry out for a couple of days I brought my laptop to him for a diagnosis. He said if I was lucky (which I know I am) that it would only be a dead hard drive and not a fried mother board. As it happens, It was a dead hard drive.  So I got logged in to Amazon on my phone and ordered a new hard drive and some more RAM. I mean, since I’m going to have to open it up I might as well add some more of that too, right?

Just so that you understand, I am a starving artist. I did not want to have to buy parts for my laptop and I certainly didn’t want to buy a new computer. I prefer to spend my available funds on art supplies. I had to remind myself that my laptop is an art supply. I use it for research and marketing and posting my work and advertising and many things that I had been taking for granted. It was a rough week waiting to be able to see if I could repair it or if I was going to have to go without even longer while I saved up to buy a new one.

I know this is supposed to be an art blog but I also am really proud of my creative self for having the nerve to throw caution to the wind and rip into that laptop and replace the innards that needed replacing. I am sure some of you have had similar experiences. And there are probably some of you that would be more cautious from the beginning.  At this point I had nothing to lose so I took it apart with my own paint stained hands as if I was playing a game of Operation.  When all was said and done and put back together again I had one extra screw left and had lost a rubber foot somewhere.

I plugged it in…

I turned it on….

And it worked! It really worked! I did still need a little help from my brother getting it set back up but I did it! I fixed my mistake just as easily as painting over a goof. And as happens with paintings too it is even better now.

So, the moral of the story is “you can do anything you set your mind to”. Not really. It’s “Use a sippy cup, Julie”. Use a sippy cup.


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  1. I’m proud of you, Julie! I need to spill something on my laptop now, so I can upgrade it 😛 Not really, but I did just have to re-install Windows yesterday because it got stuck on an update it couldn’t install. I tried to avoid it, but it really wasn’t that bad after all.

  2. That’s it? Whew!!! I thought you were going to describe the pups accidentally ingesting the nail polish remover. Fixing the laptop is a piece of cake by comparison.

    I might have to share how I stupidly left an entire POUND of chocolate fudge in the car while we went into a restaurant to eat lunch. And my sister’s dog stayed in the car to stand guard in our absence (it was cold outside, so the pup was in no danger of getting cooked).

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