Sticks & Stones


“Have you seen an agate with high gloss polish exposing every vein of natures pigment bringing it to life with every angle? How about a slice of thunder egg with agatized history and crystalized time painting a story of generations in the earth?”


Here’s a Sneak Peek…

I have been working on a tutorial post on how to paint magnolias in oils. I decided to share with you a preview of what’s on the way… An early stage of Magnolias in oil

Another fun Art Walk

It was another exciting evening at the Downtown Springfield Second Friday Art Walk at my twin sister’s shop. Her creative life lies in the tattoo field. Her shop, Memento Ink, is a productive tattoo parlor, hair and nail salon, piercing shop and art gallery. I am completely content hanging out with the artists and creatives […]

How to Create the Perfect Studio Space

There are many ways to build the perfect space for your creativity. You can be as outrageous and expensive or low-key and free as you want to be. Now, I would absolutely love to have a window filled loft in a beautiful historical building where I could people watch from multiple stories above the streets […]

Great Things Come in Big Packages

Special Delivery

There is almost nothing more exciting than putting the first paint strokes on a freshly prepared canvas. Unless it is receiving a package of new canvas. And paint brushes. And even more art supplies. I absolutely LOVE getting packages! This past week I had to invest some hard-earned cash from my 9 to 5 to […]

J. W. Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs: A Modern Debate — Susan Rushton

The Manchester Art Gallery recently removed what is probably their best-loved painting ‘to prompt conversation’. The story of Hylas and the Nymphs dates back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans and has come down to us in a variety of tellings which means the story can be interpreted more than one way. I like J.W. […]